Medical Billing Companies in India

Medical billing companies in India

medical billing companies in India offer variety of services to US healthcare hospitals, physicians and medical billing companies. Outsourcing medical billing services to India has become a common practice in today's business environment. With increasing healthcare cost and reducing reimbursements, companies are looking at various options to survive, strive and thrive.

medical billing companies in India offer services link

  • Medical Transcription
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Insurance Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • Demographics and Charges Entry
  • Electronic claims submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Denials Management
  • Accounts Receivables Management and more

Medical billing companies in India offer verious benifits including

Availability of skilled resources: India produces millions of college graduates every year. These graduates have good information technology and business process skills. These graduates are recruited by leading IT and BPO companies. They are well trained in different processes before actually being implemented in a specific project.

Experience: medical Transcription and Billing Outsourcing started nearly two decades ago. India has many medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding training companies all over the country. These companies provide excellent training to college graduates helping them to learn the domain well. Various training techniques like expert class room sessions, computer assisted courses and on the job intern training and more. This process helps medical billing companies in India to recruit and induct staff with basic domain knowledge. With nearly 20+ years of experience India has become the leading country to handle outsource medical billing.

Cost Effective Solutions: medical billing companies in India helps outsourcing companies to save nearly 50% + on their administrative expenses. They help to increase revenues and decrease their expenses drastically. Outsourcing companies do not need to worry about recruiting cost or training cost. Also they need not worry about worker's compensation, health insurance and other added loaded employee cost. They also save big by not investing in hardware, software and more.

Time difference advantage: Indian standard time is 8.5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time zone at the minimum. Files sent to medical billing companies in India are processed when US is sleeping and when they come back to work next day all the work is already completed. This helps outsourcing companies to provide the competitive edge to their clients in terms of quick turnaround time.

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