About Us

Offshore Billing Company

Offshore Billing Company is one of the leading medical billing companies globally. We are a team of dynamic professionals who are focussed on helping you to succeed in your business. We spare no effort to ensure that you get the full reimbursement of claims in the quickest possible time. We are a company that understands the challenges that healthcare professionals face and we are here to support you fully.

As one of the pioneering insurance billing companies, we entirely understand that each client has unique needs and our process plan is designed to take care of that. An unmatched feature of our service is that we provide the best solution that suits your billing and coding needs. The process plan designed for you is flexible and scalable so that the expansion of your business is not impeded by back-office work, not matching up.

By entrusting your voluminous back-office work to a reputed medical billing healthcare company like us, you receive at all times prompt customer care. Our knowledgeable and certified billers and coders work hard to fulfill your expectations.

A trustworthy and reliable medical billing company, Offshore Billing Company, has always used technology to enable quick turnaround for you. Our software is the latest and is a great tool to increase the efficiency of the billing and coding processes at every stage. Our medical billing services range from credentialing to old accounts receivables clean up. This range of services makes us one of the most broad-based medical billing companies in the United States. We pay attention to every stage of the revenue cycle to ensure the maximum collections for our clients.

Our coders are certified and make it a point to update their knowledge and keep abreast of changes in the healthcare industry. This alone makes us one of the best medical billing companies anywhere. Error-free coding is the foundation of submitting clean claims. Besides billing and coding services, we have considerable experience in specialty billing services. Each of the numerous specialty services we offer has unique features packed into it. Specialty services are primarily custom made catering to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise and work in this domain have made us one of the most excellent billing companies for over two decades.

In keeping with our ethos of maximizing revenue for our clients, we endeavor to keep denials to the barest minimum. Accounts Receivables (AR) management is a crucial area of concern for us as the percentage of AR is an indicator of an organization's financial health. We guarantee that your AR balance will be reduced in sixty days. By working on AR balances, we have raised our clients' collections by up to 8%.

Your search for an established and proven process partner now ceases. Please contact us for a free no-obligation trial.