Advanced Medical Billing

Our advanced medical billing services are being increasingly accepted and subscribed by hospitals, clinics, specialized doctors for being professional, comprehensive and complete in all respects, fully agreeing with the regulatory requirements. Over the years we have seen an increase in our client base and confidence of our clients, making us one of the best advanced medical billing companies. Clients find our billing and collection services as proof of our dedication to the cause, where it is expected that we complete the revenue cycle by assisting in the presentation of the medical bills and collection of the revenue due from the insurers in a visible manner.

Offshore Medical Billing Company

Our continuous auditing procedures are meant to check any errors that might have crept in and immediate corrections are effected by our vigilant data and process audit staffs, resulting in error free claims. Through high end software we track, monitor and follow all claims to ensure continuity in payment. The process of eligibility and verification are carried out by us as per HIPA guidelines, in a moist secure way as there is a need to safeguard the personal information of our clients that are transmitted electronically to the insurance companies. We also cover how our client’s practice or facilities handles the deductibles, co-insurance or co-payment, out of pocket maximum and benefit limitations, etc. to make the healthcare experience, professional. As and when required, we manage care contacts and negotiations for our clients so that the healthcare services of doctors and facilities are contracted leading to generation of more revenues.

Prospective clients in need of advanced medical billing services can receive detailed information about our services by contacting us in confidence al processes so that the medical bills are released for payment, without any further delay.

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