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Demographics Entry

at Offshore Billing Company will thoroughly review patient intake forms and enter the data into the Electronic Health Records Software. Information that is missing on these forms is obtained by reaching out to the patient. Our scrupulous check of information and data entry, rules out rejections and prunes the denials percentage for you. Data is keyed into the system within 12-24 hours of its receipt.

Patient information can be sent in two ways to our team

  • Scanned images of the paper intake forms
  • If data is already in electronic format, we can retrieve it

In both cases, the information is reviewed by our trained and skilled billers for completeness and accuracy. Steps are taken in case of gaps in data so that all data is available for submission of clean claims to the insurance company.

Demographics Entry/Patient Registration is done under two categories

  • New patients: Information relating to patient, guarantor, insurance, provider and employer is captured and entered into the system
  • Existing patients: New information is verified and updated in the system

Our superior Demographics Entry service will result in the following significant benefits for you

  • Clean Claim Submission
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Lower Denial Rate
  • Faster Claim processing
  • Enhanced productivity