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Eligibility Verification

Eligibility verification is a vital step in the entire billing process which ensures that there are fewer denials by the insurance company and a speedier billing cycle for you. If the verification is not done thoroughly, it can result in billing errors, denials by the insurance agency, and delays in claim payment, affecting the overall cash flow.

We at Offshore Billing Company carry out Eligibility Verification using various tools. Our trained staff carefully analyze the details regarding a patient so that the whole billing process is smooth and fast. We obtain for you, among other data, information on deductibles, coverage benefits, out of pocket expenses. The Eligibility Verification process itself includes checking online verification portals and interacting with the insurance company. We ensure that all the required authorization and referrals are available for the effortless processing of claims. The authorization itself is monitored for validity of time period that is start and end dates and number of visits.

Our Eligibility Verification goes through the following steps

  • Getting in touch with patients to collect all relevant information quickly
  • Getting information from the insurance companies at the same time
  • Verify the status of the patient as both the primary and secondary payer
  • Updating all patient information on the system by carrying out regular re-verification
  • Updating the billing system with all the necessary data

So you are assured of your claims being reimbursed in full and without delay.

When we do a complete Eligibility Verification, we automatically ensure that you are able to collect co-pays from your patients when they visit your office. We ensure this by giving you detailed and accurate information. Upfront collections is increased for you and your staff are spared needless work.

Handling of critical bills is one of the services we offer. When a patient is having a health condition that requires immediate care, the medical bills that arise consequently are considered critical bills. Our team will efficiently take care of such bills and ensure that the entire billing process is completed swiftly.

We are one of the best medical billing companies and by partnering with us, you can be confident that,

  • Your claims go out clean during the first submission
  • Streamlined service by skilled professionals
  • Your billing cycle is smooth and fast
  • Your collections are improved
  • Your approvals are expedited
  • Your claims are paid up in full

Our company takes enormous pride in stating that we keep abreast of changes in the healthcare industry as well as technological developments. We also keep tabs on changes in Health Insurance policies so that your patients can avail maximum reimbursement of the cost of their treatment. Many of our processes are automated and this enables us to vastly improve the turnaround time.

Starting with thorough Eligibility Verification, all our processes both manual and automated, are geared toward peak Revenue Cycle Management performance leading to absolute client satisfaction.