Eligibility Verifications

Insurance / Eligibility Verification is a very important process in overall Revenue Cycle Management. If verifications are not done upfront, it usually results in billing errors, increased denials and delays claim payment affecting overall cash flow.

We use various tools to receive our verification providing you accurate information on deductibles, co-pays, out of pocket expenses, coverage benefits and more. Our services provide individual payer eligibility and benefits on real time. We access online verification portals providing 24*7 benefits information. We call insurance company’s integrated voice recognition systems to get the required information. If required we also speak to the insurance company’s customer service to ensure we have all the required authorization and referrals.

Our services help you to collect up front co-pays from the patient during their visit to your office. This helps you increase your upfront collections saving your staff and billers time. Our report is accurate and gives you detailed necessary information.

Our verification specialists understand the task completely. We make sure all the necessary information required for patient registration and health plan requirements are received on time. We always keep track of various technological developments in the industry. This helps us to step into using all automated advanced productivity tools and deliver you with quick turnaround time.

We verify patient’s benefit information during registration process and also ensure to do a re-verification from time to time to keep your records updated. We totally understand the requirement of referrals and authorization. We track the authorization validity for number of days and number of visits. Our pre-surgery verification gets you all the required information before the scheduled treatment and ensures smooth reimbursement. Our medical insurance verification specialists definitely help to improve your revenues considerably.

Our cost effective verification solutions totally reduces rejections and denials. It helps to efficiently increase your total Revenue Cycle Management performances.