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Account Receivables Management

At Offshore Billing Company our team of committed billers keep track of all patient accounts. We make sure that there is tight control over Accounts Receivables as being lax in this area can lead to a situation where reversing the trend can become quite a task. It becomes essential to have Accounts Receivable medical billing experts to take care of your patient accounts. We make sure that our claims get paid and by the payer and the cash flow is unimpeded.

Our elaborate Accounts Receivable Management services encompasses the following aspects

  1. Insurance Follow-up

    Our excellent team here always follow-up with the insurance companies to make certain that they pay for the claims on time.
  2. Patient Follow-up

    Follow-up with the patients is carried out to confirm that they have given us accurate information relating to the insurance provider. We also re-check whether other personal details such as name, date-of-birth have been furnished correctly.
  3. Denials Management

    In case a claim is denied by the insurance company, our team will review the claim for errors and make the reqisite corrections to the claim. We will also ascertain that the payment does not get denied by the Insurance company again.
  4. Credit Balance Reporting

    It may sometimes happen that an insurance company may overpay a claim. In such a situation, the excess amount will need to be credited back. We will take care of this in a timely manner on behalf of our clients.

Our company has designed an efficient denial management process which factors in your payor mix and the volume of outstanding accounts receivables. Our in-house software monitors the entire billing process and follow-up calls are triggered by the software which has been developed with high Accounts Receivables metrics. We have achieved a level of accuracy and turnaround time which is higher than industry standards.

To us all receivables are important irrespective of size and source. We guarantee that 97% of your unpaid bills over three months old will be collected by us. Our dedicated team as well as superb technology will ensure this.

Three substantial gains can be had on partnering with us

  • Downsize your accounts receivables within 60 days
  • Waiting time for payments are considerably reduced
  • Regular and consistent assistance from certified billers and coders

So why wait? Contact us, a billing company near you, for a mutually enriching partnership.